The Simple Way To Deal With The Coronavirus Pandemic – Hard Surfaces

The Federal Government has declared a Coronavirus pandemic.

Is your business/school/hospital/aged care facility stocked with a quality, low cost and convenient disinfectant now the worst case scenario has occurred?

While much of the focus is on personal protection much thought must be given to hard surface cleaning where the coronavirus can surive for up to three days.

Det-Sol 500® provides you with a powerful hard surface disinfectant, in powder form, that is convenient to store and has a five year shelf life.

It is also far more economical than liquid bleach and much more convenient.

Both the Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation clearly state that for hard surface infection control to use Sodium Hypochlorite at 1000 ppm.

One 2kg carton of Det-Sol 500 contains 250 x 6-gram sachets and make 125 litres at the recommended concentrate.

Det-Sol sachets can be stored in a cupboard or emergency kit to prepare for quick and effective cleaning of hard surfaces and can be sprayed from a bottle for convenience.

If the pandemic does not occur it can be stored until 2025 – unlike some liquid bleaches which can lose effectiveness from date of manufacture.

Australian-made Det-Sol 500® has been evaluated according to TGA guidelines for hospital grade disinfectant and sanitisers under clean condition for:

  • Wiping tables and bench tops
  • Public transport
  • Public areas such as tables and chairs
  • Mopping floors
  • Sanitising mattress covers
  • Disinfecting cutlery or other implements
  • Operating Theatres
  • Infectious Wards

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  • Hospital-grade disinfectant effective in COVID 19 disinfection

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