Eucalip Announces Det-Sol Exports To China

The Eucalip Group has signed a contract to export the Coronavirus killing Det-Sol 500 to China for hard surface disinfection. Negotiations with other overseas buyers are also underway as the pandemic hits the globe.

The Australian manufactured Det-Sol infection control product can be shipped anywhere in the world via air freight due to its convenient powdered form. The Chinese buyers selected our product as it is packaged in tamper-proof sachets which, when dissolved in water, becomes sodium hypochlorite which is used in every major hospital worldwide every day for infection control. It is perfect for disinfecting hard surfaces where coronavirus can exist for up to 3 days.

Det-Sol is:

  • Packaged in a convenient sachet with printed instructions and has a colour indicator to distinguish from clear water solutions.
  • TGA listed and has Defence recognised supplier status for pandemic use.
  • Safe, easy to use and store, effective, economical and has a five-year shelf life from date of manufacture.
  • Lightweight and easy to deploy.
  • Det-Sol is a WHO recommended product for cleaning hard surfaces.

One carton of Det-Sol 500 has 250 x 6 gram sachets which makes 125 litres of sodium hypochlorite at 1000 ppm and only weighs 2 kilograms).

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Eucalip has started export Det-Sol to China for hard surface cleaning

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