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What are the advantages of Det-Sol disinfectant sachets?

Approved Hospital Grade broad spectrum disinfectant, effective, economical and safe to use. Australian owned and manufactured, cartons of sachets are lightweight, easy to deploy and store, clear printed instructions on each sachet, has a colour indicator to distinguish from clear water in solution, anti-corrosive buffers, Australian Register of Therapeutics Administration approval for use on environmental surfaces and non-critical medical devices and a 5-year shelf life from DOM.

Are there different strengths of Det-Sol disinfectant sachets?

Yes, Det-Sol 5000 is used for dirtier areas where there is blood or body fluid spills on hard surfaces and Det-Sol 500 is used for general sanitising of surfaces including food preparation, laboratory benches and surfaces that have constant traffic such as handrails and doorknobs, door plates etc. Both can be used with a spray bottle when in solution.

Is Det-Sol easy to use?

Yes, just dissolve one sachet in one litre of water and have the immediate strength for powerful infection control, no need to use confusing dilution charts (see web site)

How economical is Det-Sol?

Extremely economical, up to 10 times cheaper than liquid competitors with the same or better outcome to kill bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19) Government Departments and Institutions have been purchasing for this reason for over 30 years to save on budgets and comply with infection control procedures for hard surfaces with a TGA approved product.

Can Det-Sol be used for mopping floors?

Yes, for general infection control one sachet of Det-Sol 5000 dissolved in 5 litres of water will give a strength of 1000 part per million which is what health agencies such as CDC and WHO recommend for hard surface infectionprevention and control bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2(Covid 19)

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