Det-Sol 500®


Det-Sol 500 ® is recommended for areas that have a high risk of exposure and infection. It is recommended for surfaces not directly involved in blood or body fluid spills. Det-Sol 500 ® has been evaluated according to TGA guidelines for hospital grade disinfectant and sanitisers under clean conditions.

Infectious Wards

> Wiping tables and bench tops​
> Mopping floors​
> Sanitising mattress covers​
> Disinfecting cutlery or other implements used by infectious patients
> Operating Theatres

Infectious Wards

> Mopping floors
> Walls

​Pathology Laboratories

> Mopping floors​
> Walls



One box of Det-Sol 500 contains 180 sachets and makes 100 litres at 1000 ppm.

1000 ppm is recommended by the WHO and CDC to clean hard surfaces infected by COVID-19.

For a visual guide on how to use our product, please watch the video below: