Eucalip Bio Chemical Group

100% Australian owned and operated, Eucalip Bio-Chemical group has a proud history of supplying products to Australian and overseas markets for almost 3 decades. Formed and incorporated in 1986 in Victoria, Australia, Eucalip Bio-Chemical group continues to manufacture and distribute a wide range of bio chemical products.


Det-Sol ® is a hospital grade disinfectant with a broad spectrum anti-microbial profile. When prepared with water as per user instructions, Det-Sol ® produces a powerful, hospital strength chlorine which is a proven disinfectant. Det-Sol’s ® active ingredient – Sodium
Dichloroisocyanurate, stabilises Hypochlorite and is also resistant to organic inactivation, prolonging its effective use.

Unlike liquids, Det-Sol ® is a light-weight disinfectant which is easy to use and store. Det-Sol also ® comes with a colour indicator distinguishing it over clear water solutions.


Det-Sol ® is both economical and convenient to use. It comes in a pre-measured powdered form which makes it easy and accurate to prepare. It is very cost effective as there is absolutely no waste. There are also no heavy, bulky liquids to store and dispense of.


Det-Sol 5000 ®

Dissolve contents of one sachet of Det-Sol 5000 ® n one litre of water to produce Sodium Hypochlorite solutions of 5000ppm available chlorine.

Det-Sol 500 ®

Dissolve contents of one sachet of Det-Sol 500 ® n one litre of water to produce Sodium Hypochlorite solutions of 500ppm available chlorine.

Efficient & Effective

Det-Sol ® powder is a chlorine releasing compound based on a formulation containing Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate. When mixed with water, this compound creates a ready to use disinfectant solution. Our products have a shelf-life of 5 years as they are packed in contamination proof polyfoil sachets.

Det-Sol ® is stable and compact and has a strong viricidal, germicidal and bactericidal profile making it highly effective in the prevention of bacterial; blood-borne viral and yeast and fungal infections.

The unique ® formulation provides an effective disinfectant. It is also balanced with alkaline phosphates to provide an effective buffer against the corrosive effects of Hypochlorous Acid.