Eucalip Group Hospital-Grade Disinfectant - Coronavirus Outbreak Prevention

An estimated 165,000 deaths occur yearly in hospitals around Australia as a result of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI). That’s 165,000 patients who have died from infections they’ve contracted within the walls of the hospital, not as a consequence of the issue they were originally admitted for.

Therefor, hospitals require a strong defence against the range of pathogens being carried within their walls, to minimise the spread of disease or contagion from one patient to another. 

As importantly, appropriate disinfection procedures protect both patients and hospital staff from transmitting infections or diseases during and after surgery, where the risk of infection is high. 

With so much potential exposure to harmful bacteria within a concentrated space, it is critical that hospitals are using a trusted disinfectant; one that can actively reduce their instances of HAI, and improve and the safety of both their patients and staff.

Eucalip Group’s Hospital-Grade disinfectants are the best choice.