Eucalip Group Hospital-Grade Disinfectant - Coronavirus Outbreak Prevention

There are a number of varying instances throughout the defence force in which appropriate disinfection is required to prevent disease outbreak.

In event of conflict field hospitals for injured personnel, as well as in the Navy hospital ships, need effective infection control. In addition, both equipment and military personnel themselves pose a biosecurity risk, due to the environments under which they train and operate. Returning personnel and equipment require rigorous disinfection to eliminate biosecurity hazards.

During active service, military personnel may find themselves in adverse scenarios, where exposure to communicable diseases is heightened. When vitality is lowered due to fatigue, mental strain or malnourishment, prevalence of disease is more likely increase.

On the ground, living conditions, environmental factors and injuries in action pose a risk to infection and widespread disease.

It is important that military services are working with disinfectants that are effective in protecting our defence force. Eucalip Group’s disinfectant products are hospital-grade, safe and economical.