Disaster Aid

Eucalip Group Hospital-Grade Disinfectant - Coronavirus Outbreak Prevention

There is much work to do after a disaster has struck; one major threat to the victims of disaster is the risk of disease outbreak. Bacteria is rife in disaster-affected areas: water wells contaminated with contagious diseases; injured patients harbouring infections; flooded houses carry water-borne bacteria and the risk of mould.

In addition, the squalid conditions victims are left in after a disaster may limit access to showers or personal hygiene facilities, breaking down usual standards of hygiene and exposing those who are vulnerable.

With increased risk of wide-spread disease, emergency-response medical units need to be vigilant in maintaining a clean, safe and bacteria-free environment in which to attend to patients.

Hospital-grade disinfecting solutions are a necessity to reducing instances of disease outbreak, and ensuring medical facilities–while temporary–are still practicing safely.